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Elisabeth Aranda, Zaragoza 1980. She works and lives in Madrid. Graduate in Fine Arts from Castilla La Mancha University in 2005, broadening that knowledge in the European Design Institute, Madrid in 2006. Initially, her professional career develops as textile and graphic designer and at the begining of 2016 her passion for drawing and the editorial design, focus her work on the field of illustration.

She performs her illustrations with traditional techniques such as watercolor and oil painting, or gouache. Elisabeth’s work reflects her passion for prints, color, nature and old publications among other things. After 10 years working with digital tools, she feels the need to manually draw and paint. Experience leads her to the conclusion that the digital line may sometimes be too hard and perfect, causing as a result the loss of the essence. She is tenacious, responsible, efficient and passionate about her work, with adaptability to the needs of different projects due to her versatility in many areas of the design field.

She is currently available to carry out projects as freelance, collaborations, licenses or other kind of projects. If you have any questions or you simply want to greet, please write to the following e-mail address: hello@elisabetharandaluque.com