Hello! My name is Elisabeth Aranda

People who know me know that I like to be constantly busy, although I might complain that I can never stop… It’s paradoxical, I know, but that’s just me.

I was always good at art, and this led me to study Fine Arts, guided by my teacher of technical design who must have seen this coming, given that I intended to study interior design, another of my passions.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I studied a Master’s Degree in textile design. That year was one of the most productive years of my life, when I found out that I really wanted to focus on drawing and designing.

I’ve worked exclusively with digital tools for more than ten years, developing my career in the field of graphic design and textile design, but there came a time when I felt the need to once again draw and paint by hand.

This was also the period when I more or less decided to freelance, a daunting prospect, but my sister and a very good friend encouraged me to take this step. This was nearly four years ago, it’s amazing how time flies…

My brand is slowly brewing, it’s not always fast as I would like it to be, but each day I feel more certain of myself and more attuned to my work.

Flowers and I

As you know by now, almost all my designs have flowers or other natural elements. I don’t know when my work evolved in this direction, but if I think about it, I believe there’s something very therapeutic and healing about it.

I draw and paint because it’s a need for me, it makes me happy and physically and emotionally well. I believe drawing flowers is a way to approach and surround myself with nature and to reconnect to it, even when it’s physically not present.

I love having plants around, my house is full of nature corners. I guess it’s another way to connect.

When I have the time, I travel to natural environments, they have a healing aspect to them. Haven’t you felt something similar when you’re surrounded by nature? I feel it every time I head to the Pyrenees, my most magical place in the whole wide world.

How can I help you?

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